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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Currently offering onsite/offsite training, sales, lessons and young horse starting in Central, KY.

Trainer                                                                             Kelsey Lee

Long before Kelsey began offering professional horse training and riding lessons in KY, she grew up showing hunter/jumpers and equitation. The next step to her successful early show career, she expanded her repertoire to include eventing. Kelsey participated in numerous 4-star level clinics, to extend her knowledge, and learn the ropes, of eventing. In addition to the eventer clinicians, Kelsey has trained under Grand Prix Show jumper Jorge Verswyvel and has been a full-time rider for Grand Prix Dressage trainer, Kathy Priest at Woodspring Farm. Subsequently, Kelsey has chosen to specialize in dressage. With her aptitude for dressage, Kelsey garnered high scores early in her career, winning her first shows in prestigious Wellington, FL.
     In particular, Kelsey has a flair and a passion for starting and bringing young horses up the levels. Kelsey’s ability to bring a young horse along quickly with high-quality training is remarkable. She keeps her young horses on a direct path to becoming an advanced horse; they do not learn evasions. Kelsey knows what they need to feel like for the discriminating rider.

Kelsey is skilled at horsemanship training and rehabilitating horses with issues. She has been effective with extinguishing naughty tendencies in some seemingly incorrigible horses. All “problem children” are welcomed into her program.

Kelsey seamlessly incorporates the knowledge gained from her background in a variety of disciplines to differentiate for the training needs of your horse.

“I want to be known for being able to provide an affordable and positive riding experience for any rider. There is clearly a market for reasonably priced lessons and I am happy to provide that opportunity. I want to fill that void in the market, be able to work with people and not charge them sky high rates . I can help more people if I have realistic prices and realistic goals.
     I also want to be known for producing pleasant and successful riding horses that owners can enjoy every day....Horses that they can go into the show ring on and get good scores on without having to pay six figures for the horse, or $100 every time they want a lesson. I want people to enjoy themselves and be confident in their everyday riding, or when stepping into a ring.
That's what I want to be known for.”
              -Kelsey Lee

Proud member of the FFA:

Friendly ✔️

Flexible ✔️

Affordable ✔️


Training/Sales and Lesson Packages

Full Training/$450/Monthly- When on full horse training, your horse will be ridden 5 to 6 days per week, either by Kelsey or by you in a lesson.  

Partial Training/$350/Monthly- When in partial training, your horse will be ridden 3 days per week, either by Kelsey or by you in a lesson.

-Will travel depending on the situation!
-Currently offering a promotional special, please inquire for more details!

Sales- We provide a quality sales program that is included in our full training program with a 10% commission rate. 

Training Ride/$45.00- Your horse will receive a 45-minute training ride by Kelsey specialized to their needs.

Lesson-$35.00- You will receive a 45-minute one-on-one lesson focused on your horse’s needs and your goals as a rider. Offering riding lessons from beginner to advanced in dressage, jumping, and eventing.


“Kelsey is a rare gem in the horse world. She is honest, very knowledgeable, so sweet and kind, enthusiastic and we love having her as our trainer. She is an excellent teacher very directive, totally hands on, highly skilled in teaching the fundamentals. Every lesson is detailed and my girls have already made great progress and learning vital basics in dressage that will also help with jumping that they did not learn in other programs. She is also an excellent rider and recognizes what each horse and rider need. She is so filled with love for the sport and makes the students feel comfortable and confident and helps them also enjoy their horse. My girls LOVE riding with her! Her humility is so refreshing as she treats my teen girls with kindness and patience. We would highly recommend her for any of your horse needs and anyone at any age or skill level.”

        -Karla Dugan

”Kelsey is a multi disciplined rider, very talented and the best with young horses!”

      -Linda van den Berg

“Great trainer! Very descriptive and very helpful! See a lot of improvement in myself and my horses already, My confidence goes up each lesson! I love her teaching methods and I love how kind she is! She has helped me find joy in riding again!”

       -Maryann Dugan

" Kelsey has a very upbeat teaching style that helps a rider stay positive even when working through training issues. She is patient and calm with horses and is talented in multiple disciplines."

       -Kim Moore

" Very professional environment and knowledgeable trainer. I’m getting back into riding consistently and I was made to feel empowered and positive throughout my lesson. Highly recommend!"

       -Lisa Murray


                                    Sales Graduates

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